French Onion Soup Weather


French Onion Soup Goodness

June’s All Day Cafe never disappoints

Dude, its cold as fuck! Maybe I’m spoiled by being born and raised in Texas, but 40 degrees is just completely unacceptable. Although in the heat of summer I do fantasize about bear skin rugs in far away cabins in the Aspen snow. Since I’m based in Texas that image won’t happen anytime soon. The only solace I find in the midst of this annoyingly chilled tundra is Junes All Day Cafe in Austin, Texas. Not only is this one of my favorite eateries they are also, wait for it, OPEN ALL DAY! They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And y’all…its pretty bomb. One of my favorite winter dishes is their French Onion Soup. Eating this soup is like snuggling up in a cheesey blanket in a bath of perfectly caramelized onions. Sheesh I’m getting hungry again. (LOL, I’m never not hungry duh)

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